Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How can projects provide opportunities for deeper thinking in my classroom?

Using projects in my classroom can provide the opportunity for children to hear everyone's ideas. The students also need to explore and discover things on their own. Project based learning allows for students to research, share with others, gather information, etc. As long as the students do not stray from the 'big idea' of the project, and are always working to 'solve' the project question(s). Projects allow for student centered learning rather than teacher centered learning. A child is more likely to retain the information if they figured it out on their own - they 'own it' as theirs and their independence will make them proud! Project learning allows for deeper thinking because it is more open ended and allows for different learning styles to be addressed more easily. Being less formal, projects allow for more flexibility for the students to 'take hold' and research/present in their own way. They do not have to conform as much to the teacher's structure/way of thinking. The students will be more engaged with learning.


  1. Great Job, Ashlee! And since I teach right next door to you, I have witnessed how you enhance your students' learning by having them use higher thinking skills and work in projects to enhance their learning.

  2. Great point about straying away from the "big idea." With younger students especially, this can be a real challenge because of thier attention span. Projects are great, but need to be well planned and implimented.