Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unit Description

My unit centers around a Laura Numeroff book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. The unit will focus on getting students to predict, identify cause and effect, sequence events in the story, discuss taking care of someone, create their own story with similar qualities, making good choices, and how those choices effect others. The unit is based on the core curriculum SC state standards from Health and ELA.

EQ: Can my decisions change events?

UQ(s): Can I change an outcome? What does a cookie remind me of/make me think of? How can I take care of my friends? What gives me good memories? How could this outcome be different? Is this a good/safe decision?

CQ(s): What do you predict will happen next? What happened first, next, etc. in the story? How did the boy take care of the mouse in the story? How do you connect with a character in the story? Why did that happen in the story? How would this story be affected if the boy had given the mouse a pencil instead?


  1. I like the focus on predicting and connecting with a character in the story. I also like your essential question and how it relates to the content of your story. Having students create their own version of the story is definitely a higher level thinking skill.

  2. I love those books! I think this will be a good way to lead in to your instruction. I think your essential question needs to be more kid friendly like "Does what I think matter?" or "Can my choices change anything?" Most of the rest seems pretty appropriate for your grade level.